About Yohonda

Founded in 1998, Yohonda Enterprise Co., Ltd. mainly produces underwear accessories, popular products, silicone bra, jelly bags, water bags, shoulder straps, plastic shoulder clip, and various rubber products, and has won patent certificates from the United States, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. Among them, the silicone bra has been tested by the Japan Life Science Research Institute to ensure that there is no irritation to human skin.

Shoulder straps, breast stickers, nu bra, silicone breast pads, and self-adhesive glue have passed the Swiss TESTEX test. Heavy metals, skin sensitivity, and tensile strength all meet the underwear industry standards.

The company has advanced equipment and professional technology, and an active business team. The company is ultimately honest, pioneering and innovative. All products are of quality assurance. Welcome to contact us.

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