How can I use a silicone bra correctly?

Wear: Before wearing, there should be no skin lotion, dirt, or sweat on the chest. Use your hands to fix the edge of the cup and place the cup in the right position. The two edge sides should be symmetrical. If you are not comfortable with the position, you can tear it off and wear it again.

Take off: Gently and slowly peel off the brat, then peel off from top to bottom.

Cleaning: Use neutral detergents, such as soap, laundry detergent, and warm water to dilute it, and place it to dry.

Bra size :
A Cup:32A、32B、34A
B Cup32B、32C、34A、34B、36A
C Cup:32C、34B、34C、36A、36B
D Cup:34C、36B、36C