How to choose a sleep bra?

People have a lot of pressure nowadays, they have to face a day of high-pressure work, and they have to take care of the family and clean the house when they return home. People can’t take a good rest at home after getting off work sometimes. Some workers still have to receive a million calls from the boss. The only moment of relaxation is to take a comfortable bath and lie down on a soft bed after a hard day. Boys generally can. But girls still have to wear underwear. Although many people think that it is more comfortable to sleep without underwear, some people are worried about the change of breast shape, so they choose to wear a bra all day. Can you relax your body during deep sleep? A sleep bra is your best choice.

What is a sleep bra?

Sleep bra, also known as good night underwear, can be worn by women while sleeping. It is not only soft and skin-friendly but also free from the constraints of steel ring. While sleeping, it can ensure that the breast shape is not changed by gravity. Japanese scientific research points out that the average person sleeps. The number of turning over is 20-33. During the turning process, the chest without bra support is easy to sway from side to side, and the chest shape is enlarged or drooped. However, wearing underwire underwear will also cause pressure on the body and bad blood circulation. Sleep bra will greatly solve these problems.

What are the benefits of a sleep bra?

1.Maintain breasts shape

Breasts are made up of fat and breast tissue, along with nerves, veins, arteries and connective tissue that helps hold everything in place. And fat accounts for the majority. If you do not wear a sleep bra when you sleep, these fats will shift with your sleeping position, which may cause problems in the long run. Expansion of the breast shape.

2.Prevent Sagging Breasts

Sleep bra doesn't have breast enhancement function, mainly to help our breasts focus on the correct position and prevent the Sagging Breasts.

3.Stable support, protect the chest

The beautiful breast shape is supported by the breast suspensory ligament (Cooper's ligament) in the chest, but the breast suspensory ligament has the same elasticity as the skin, and it will age and relax with age. Sleeping underwear can effectively support Our breasts, protect and maintain our breast shape. Worries that wearing a bra while sleeping will compress the lymph glands, affect lymphatic drainage, and are not good for breast health. This has been denied by the medical community. There is no research confirming that wearing a bra can cause breast cancer.

4.Better quality of sleep

Sleep bra is different from ordinary underwear. The sleep bra has no steel ring and less restraint, so it is really comfortable. Also, because of the stability of the chest shape, it reduces the damage of the chest due to turning over and shaking but has a better sleep quality. Another research pointed out that girls who sleep in a bra can get better deep sleep than girls who sleep without a bra.

5 Tips for Choosing the right bra

1.Bra size

The choice of bra size is very important. The correct bra size can completely cover and protect our breasts. If the size of the bra is too small, it will cause squeezing and poor blood circulation. The breasts are squeezed out of the upper edge of the cup, which means that the breasts are actually not covered, and it is easy to deposit under the armpits and sides. Measured in accordance with a single size. It should be adjusted according to each person's body shape, developmental status, posture, etc.

2. Choose a breathable and elastic underwear material

The material of the bra must be breathable and comfortable because the bra is the underwear that touches our skin for the longest time. The comfortable and breathable underwear material can also make us feel like we are not wearing underwear. It is recommended to choose breathable cotton. Cotton is also combined with chemical fibers, and it does not feel stuffy and has an excellent supporting effect even in summer.

3. Functional design, adequate covering

Underwear styles are all specially designed nowadays, including sports underwear, sleep underwear, concentrated bra, with steel ring. Wearing suitable underwear on different occasions can reduce a lot of underwear's physical troubles.

4. Easy to clean, the material is washable and very resistant to wrinkles.

It is best to wash the underwear by hand. If you don't have much time, you can buckle the back of the underwear and remove all the detachable pads. Then put it in the laundry bag for the gentlest and safest machine washing. Use cold water with other clothes. Soft washing is the best way. Avoid putting the underwear and bra in a tumble dryer to dry, it will damage the elasticity or deform the cup.

5. "Aesthetic" and "comfort" are difficult to balance, the ratio of breast shape is more important than size

When most women choose underwear, in addition to basic breast support, "beauty" is also a major requirement. But in fact, if you want to show a perfect breast shape, the golden ratio is the key. The two ends of the breast nipples and the middle of the collarbone form an equilateral triangle. As long as it fits the body proportions, you can also present the perfect breast shape that suits you best without a big cup. Therefore, it is important to choose underwear that can help the chest to lift up and not to compress the chest, and naturally present the perfect chest curvature.


The choice of underwear is related to our physical condition. Wear appropriate underwear on different occasions, wear special sports underwear during exercise, wear comfortable sleep underwear during sleep, and wear appropriate underwear according to your breast shape and needs. In order to make our lives reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles. After detailed teaching, what we have to do now is: weed out all the underwear that is not suitable for you, put on all the underwear that makes you have a perfect breast shape.

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