What are the materials of the bra pad?

November 16,2020

Bra pads are the secret weapon for beauties. Modern women are no longer just for the fullness of the breasts nowadays. It's the perfect proportion that starts from the curve of the chest. A good bra pad can adjust the breast shape to make the whole body shape a curvy figure. Whether it's a lack of full breast shape or you want to create a cleavage effect, choosing the right bra pad is important, and the secret weapon to easily shape the perfect proportion of the body is the priority.

Do you know what kind of bra pad materials are commonly used in underwear factories? Some bra pads are comfortable to wear and some are not breathable, and some even have itchy skin when worn. Do you know the difference between various breast pad materials? Choosing a suitable breast pad can easily create the perfect breast shape, which can help the breasts look full and plump, and make the overall figure curve become perfect. This is a little tip for women. You don’t know how to choose it? Which breast pad is right for you? Take a look at our instructions. 

Common Padding Material for Bra

Foam Pad

Foam bra pad is the earliest breast inserts, and it is also a common breast inserts material. The feature of the foam pad is soft and light, and it is covered with clothing. The cotton material is also more breathable. It is very suitable for use as a breast insert material.  It is used as a pad for a sports bra, a built-in bra, and general underwear, but due to the feature of sponge, it is easy to deform the bra shape due to strong squeezing or excessive washing, causing elastic fatigue, and it is less durable.
Foam pad

Silicone Pad

The silicone bra pad is skin-friendly and comfortable to the touch and mold well with your body. It has excellent elasticity and higher support than foam bra pads. It has a higher adhesion to the breast and is waterproof, durable, washable, and reusable. It's a very popular material for breast pads in recent years, but the disadvantage is that some women feel heavier.
Silicone pad
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Inflatable Chest Pad 

Inflatable bra pad is a new type of breast pad with an air layer inside. The thickness of the breast pad can be adjusted by pressing and inflating through the small inflatable device on the breast pad. It's really light. The sewing technology is combined in the middle to make it fit the breast. You can pump it up as the size you wish to have. A simple and safe way to enhance breast and increase cleavage. and it's suitable for any bra and cup Size.

Bra Pad Position

Push up

Suitable for women with sagging breasts
Place the bra pad under the bra to achieve the effect of push up. Asian women generally have the problem of having no breast tissue on the upper breast. You can also adjust the breast shape by placing the breast pad under the bra to make the breast look more round and full.

 V Shape Breast Curve

Suitable for women with Side-set breasts
Place the bra pad on the side of the cup, so that the breast shape is immediately concentrated and creates the shadow of the cleavage. The Slender breasts shape is also very suitable for this method to adjust the breast shape.

Who is suitable for a bra pad?

Small Cup

A bra pad can be used to achieve visually plump breasts.

Shape of Breast

Regardless of the size of the cup, women may have problems with the breast shape. At this time, if you want to strengthen the breast shape, for example, if you want to push up, you can use a breast pad.


Asymmetrical breasts are of two different sizes. In this case, you can put a bra pad on the size that is smaller and make it even. 

In Conclusion:

The bra pad's function is used to reinforce the shape. It can easily change the breasts' shape without surgical invasion. Use bra pads can not only create deep grooves to make the vision look fuller, but also an important role in underwear accessories. Used in underwear, sports underwear, vests, dresses, swimsuit bikinis, etc. When choosing the material of the bra pad, you can choose the product that suits you according to your preferences, style, and purpose. In addition, use a bra pad can also increase your self-confidence sometimes. , Make yourself more charming!