What is Silicone Bra?

Silicone bra has made our life easier. Without the strap digging into our skin on the shoulders and back, an adhesive silicone bra provides comfort and sufficient support to your breasts retaining their natural shape.

Highly Flexible
As silicone is highly flexible, silicone bras have better moulding and shaping capacity than their traditional counterparts. An added advantage of this bra is that even sweat cannot reduce the grip of its V-STYLE layer and its breathable design enables the skin to do aerobic respiration.

Made Of Soft Fabric
Silicone is a soft material and offers good breathability. The inner coating of silicone bra uses organic silicone with good adhesive. This makes it comfortable to wear and helps it stay in place even after intense exercise.

Comfort And Breathability
Silicone bras provide comfort and breathability thus, safeguarding the sensitive parts of a woman. They are also easy to wear and take off and leave no fabric scratch or bite on the skin.

Easy To Clean And Water Proof
The durability of a silicone bra solely depends on its maintenance. You can rinse it using a gentle soap and water and place it on a towel to dry. In addition, frequent washing does not affect its thickness.