What is TACTEL

TACTEL is a registered trade name of Nylon 66 fiber invented by DuPont, so Nylon 66 is TACTEL. TACTEL can be used alone, or it can be combined with other synthetic fibers, natural fibers, or artificial fibers to produce more different effects. TACTEL can be knit with cotton and polyester to make the fabric has better texture, air permeability, tear resistance. It makes the fabric soft and comfortable, and it has good moisture absorption that can balance the humidity difference between the air and the body. It is often used in sportswear and underwear. TACTEL fiber is a guarantee of excellent quality and a symbol of distinguishing product components. It makes consumers trust in the quality of the final product.

General Nylon

There are many types of nylon. Most of workout clothes use Nylon6 and Nylon66 (TACTEL) as the main components. Although they are very similar, the structure and composition are not the same. Nylon6 is also called PA6, polyamide 6, the melting point is 220 degrees Celsius, density is 1.12g/cm3. Nylon 66 is also called TACTEL, PA66, and polyamide 66, melting point is 264 degrees Celsius, density is 1.15g/cm3. In terms of price, TACTEL is much more expensive than Nylon6, and it is often used to make superfine fibers and make high-end clothing. The higher-end brands on the market also use TACTEL fiber to achieve the soft texture of nice products.

Heat Resistance

Generally, the heat resistance of Nylon6 is not good. The heat resistance of TACTEL fiber is about 50 degrees higher than that of nylon 6. If possible, you can directly iron the sample with an iron that reaches 230 degrees Celsius. The Nylon6 material cannot handle it. The TACTEL has better heat resistance, which is conducive to the thermal history of post-processing, giving the fabric a wider heat treatment space and the ability to resist low-temperature climates.


The texture of Nylon6 is also rougher than TACTEL. Both Nylon6 and TACTEL are strong and durable fibers. But if you compare the two fibers, TACTEL is stronger, more ductile, and more durable than normal fibers. The grain structure of Nylon6 is looser, so the resilience is poor. TACTEL has strong lodging resistance and good resilience, so long-term use of fluff will not collapse and affect the image, and Nylon6 has good comfort, so it is more suitable for home use. 


TACTEL is light in texture, more than 15% lighter than nylon 6, and its specific gravity is 1.14 lower than that of polyester fiber 1.38. It can be used as the best choice for high-end lightweight fabrics with fine fiber.

Color Fastness

Among the engineering materials, TACTEL has two advantages: color fastness and high melting point. TACTEL has poor dyeability (also means good stain resistance), but it has high color fastness and will not fade; compared to Nylon6, although it is easy to dye, it is also easy to fade. TACTEL has a good degree of polymerization and the above-mentioned excellent yarns. The linear crystal form makes the yarn have excellent chemical resistance properties. In essence, it has higher ionic bonding energy. The TACTEL has a higher level of fastness to dyeing and washing than Nylon6 and polyester fabrics and shows a lower shrinkage. Rate and good resilience and dimensional stability.

The benefit of TACTEL

Soft Material, Strong Air Permeability

TACTEL has the characteristics of soft-touch, good air permeability, and skin-friendly. The surface is smooth and has no rough uncomfortable feeling. It has a good moisture-wicking ability and is a commonly used material for sportswear.

Highly Elastic

The clothing made of TACTEL is light and elastic. Due to its excellent elasticity, it can be restored to its original state after being stretched. Whether it is strenuous exercise or yoga with a high degree of extension, TACTEL is often used in clothing to make it, and it will not be easily damaged during the pulling process. It can be able to follow the rhythm of the body well.

Easy to Clean Up

TACTEL is easy to clean and maintain. It can be hand-washed or machine-washed, and the drying time is three times faster than cotton. Clothes made of nylon are not easy to fade. Suitable for general neutral detergent, avoid using softener to wash together. It is also not suitable for hot water washing, and it can be dried in a ventilated place after washing.

Anti-wrinkle effect

TACTEL has a strong anti-wrinkle effect. Under normal usage, maintenance and cleaning, there will be less wrinkles. After washing the clothes, shake them a few times before drying to make the clothes flat, which can reduce wrinkles after drying. When ironing is needed, just use a low-temperature ironing through a layer of fabric.


TACTEL is commonly used in sportswear pants, yoga pants or dance clothing, and other personal clothing. Because TACTEL fiber has the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability, lightness, and high extensibility, it is also commonly used in high-strength workout clothes.

Workout clothes and Equipment

For example, running, basketball, heavy training, etc. These high-intensity exercises are very important for the selection of clothing materials. They must be able to absorb moisture and wick away sweat and must have high ductility so that they are not easily damaged. Yoga is also a leisure exercise that requires a high degree of extension and extension. Yoga clothes and pants using TACTEL fibers can also greatly increase the user's comfort during exercise. With the development of TACTEL fiber, UV protection clothes and gloves have also appeared. TACTEL fiber is often used in mountaineering gloves and motorcycle sleeves.


Because TACTEL wicks sweat more easily than normal nylon, it is also often used to make underwear, lingerie, etc. When wearing underwear, you are most afraid of encountering stuffy, non-perspiring, and rough materials, which may cause skin allergies, redness, itching, or sweat rash. TACTEL fiber is not easy to deform so the underwear will not wrinkle due to washing in the washing machine.

Thermal Socks

ACTEL mixed with other fibers can also achieve different effects. It can be mixed with nylon, polyester, lycra, and other different proportions to achieve warm and breathable clothing. like socks worn by athletes and underwear worn by climbers. 

In conclusion:

Fabrics with the TACTEL logo emphasize breathability, softness, and natural fit, and move with ease. It is very comfortable in warm or cold climates, and it is suitable for all kinds of occasions. Easy to clean and wash, anti-wrinkle effect, dry quickly in a ventilated and cool place, high extensibility, and not deformed by different rhythms of the body.