What is TACTEL®

TACTEL® fiber creates garments that are soft, super smooth, breathable, and lightweight.

TACTEL® is an adapted form of special Nylon 66 developed for the apparel market. According to rigid testing, TACTEL® fiber is at least twice as soft and 20 percent lighter than most other fibers. It also dries eight times faster than cotton. In addition to being soft and lightweight, TACTEL® fiber is strong. The inherent strength of TACTEL® fiber enables the production of fabrics that are three times as strong as those made with natural fibers.

Because of its soft and lightweight nature, TACTEL® fiber is widely used in women’s intimate apparel. TACTEL® fibers are also used in a vast collection of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing and even accessories.

What is good about TACTEL®?

TACTEL® garments are at least twice as soft and 20% lighter than most other fabrics.

It dries eight times faster than cotton and can produce a fabric that’s three times stronger than natural fabrics such as cotton. This ensures enhanced durability and comfort that exceeds natural materials.

Features of TACTEL® Fiber:
  • Quick Drying
  • Lightness & Easy care
  • Breathable & Lightweight
  • Moisture Transportation
  • Abrasion Resistance