What is Breast Prostheses? Comparison of prosthetic breast materials suitable for breast cancer surgery

Breast prostheses are a common supplement used after breast cancer surgery. They are designed to help patients regain confidence and a complete appearance, alleviating the discomfort caused by full or partial breast removal surgery. In this article, we will explore what breast prostheses are and how to choose the right postoperative prosthesis from various options. We will provide information about materials, shapes, maintenance methods, and other key factors to assist you in making informed decisions.

What are Breast Prostheses?

Also known as silicone breast, fake breasts, and artificial breasts. Silicone breasts are usually designed specifically for mastectomy. To be used as fake breasts for mastectomy patients. Generally made of high-quality silicone and then imitated into the shape and size of the breast. The texture is similar to real human breasts. Silicone breasts have a soft texture, good elasticity, and lifelike color, and it feels almost the same as real breasts when you touch it. It is currently the most widely used material for breast implants. The silicone material is insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic, has no scent, chemically stable, and does not react with any substances except strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid. The temperature of the silicone breasts can be changed with the body temperature, there will be no feeling of cold feeling, and it will be consistent with the user's body temperature. Silicone breasts can also effectively fill up women's body defects after breast surgery, regain self-confidence and no longer have low self-esteem.
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Effect and Function of Silicone Breast

Maintain Body Balance

Some mastectomy surgery only removes one side of the breast. After removing one side of the breast, the body is easy to imbalance. After scientific calculation, the weight of the silicone breast can be similar to the weight of the unremoved breast to maintain the balance of the body. Prevent aftereffects such as neck and shoulder pain, oblique shoulder, and scoliosis caused by disproportionate imbalance after the surgery. It can also protect the outside of the chest from being directly attacked by external forces.

Revie Self-Confidence

Because mastectomy surgery makes people lose part of breasts on their chests, many patients feel helpless and hopeless. They are afraid of wearing low V clothes and go to the beach or swimming pool. Some people will wrap themselves tightly to avoid others' eyes contact. With real and natural silicone breasts, they can regain their self-confidence and not be afraid of being watched by strangers. Every breast cancer patients are a fighter for life.


There are two kinds of the most common breast prostheses, one is traditional silicone breast, and the other is foamed silicone breast. The two types of breast prostheses have their own advantages and disadvantages, which can be selected according to your own lifestyle habits or type of surgery.

Silicone Breast

The commonly used material of silicone breast is medical silicone. Silicone breast is soft but solid and feels like real skin. After wearing the bra, it looks like a real breast. And the feeling of touching silicone breast is realistic. Silicone is a hot activity adsorption material and amorphous substance material. Silicone is insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic, odorless, and chemically stable. It is widely used clinically in plastic surgery. The silicone breast prostheses made of this material are closer to human breast tissue in terms of softness, elasticity, specific gravity, and color. The disadvantage is heavier than foamed silicone breast.

Foamed Silicone Breast

Also known as lightweight foamed silicone breast which is a fake breast made of medical foaming polymer materials. It originated in Europe and America and has been widely used abroad. Usually, the price is more expensive than traditional silicone breast. Foamed silicone breast is 15%-30% lighter than traditional silicone breast, suitable for users who are sensitive to weight. It is also suitable for swimming, running, fitness and other activities. The advantages are light, comfortable, breathable, warm in winter, and cool in summer. The disadvantage is that the color cannot be close to the skin, and the feeling of touching foamed silicone breast is not as true as silicone breast.

Comparison of materials between Silicone Breast and Foamed Silicone Breast

Feature Silicone Breast Foamed Silicone Breast
Material Silicone gel filling Foam filling
Comfort Highly comfortable and skin-like Lightweight and gentle on the skin
Weight Sensation Heavier Lighter
Texture More realistic Soft and comfortable
Durability Durable with a longer lifespan Limited lifespan, requires periodic replacement
Price Higher cost Lower cost
Variety of Choices Many options available Limited options
Suitable Occasions Daily use, formal occasions Sports, casual daily activities
Ideal for Those seeking stable shape and enhancement Those seeking lightweight support and a natural look
Advantages Maintains stable shape, provides enhancement.
Durable and not easily deformed.
Soft and comfortable, minimal sensation of pressure.
Breathable, warm in winter and cool in summer.
Disadvantages May not be suitable for highly active sports.
Some individuals may find it firm or heavy.
Not suitable for situations requiring very high support.
Lower stability in maintaining shape.

The Shape of Silicone Breast

Because of the different surgical procedures, the resection site and the size of the area are also different, so the silicone prosthesis also has a variety of shapes and weights to choose from. The most common shape is the "triangular" breast which has the widest range of applications.

Triangle Silicone Breast Forms

It is suitable for people who have a basic mastectomy or a small area of mastectomy.

Teardrop Silicone Breast Forms

It is suitable for people who have a vertical incision and collarbone area surgery.

Spiral Silicone Breast Forms

It is suitable for radical transectectomy, and for people who have surgery on axillary lymph. There are different directions on the left and right sides.


Advice for cleaning and maintenance

1.Use warm Water

Wash with warm water and a mild soap every day, and gently dry with a clean towel. After washing, keep it dry and store it in a separate box to avoid extrusion and deformation by other things.

2.Avoid Collision With Sharp Objects

Such as scissors, pins, and brooches. It is not good to poke the silicone breast by bail.

3.Avoid Direct Sunshine

After cleaning, do not expose the silicone breast to the sun, and need to avoid placing it in a high-temperature place. Silicone breast should be placed in a ventilated place to keep dry.

4.Avoid Squeezing and Rubbing

Avoid squeezing and rubbing when you use silicone breast. It will cause deformation or breakage.

Lifespan of breast prostheses

The typical lifespan of breast prostheses is 5-8 years, but for the highest quality silicone prostheses available internationally, their aging period can extend to 8-10 years. If used beyond this extended period, potential risks may arise. The primary factors affecting the lifespan of breast prostheses include the aging characteristics of the prostheses themselves and human factors. Careful maintenance and upkeep of silicone breast prostheses are crucial to ensuring their long-term use and quality retention.

How to Choose the Right Silicone Breast

To choose the size suited perfectly to your body, you will first need to find your band size. With a tape measure, measure your torso just under your armpits. The second piece of information you need is the cup size. For this one, you will need to know your overall body size and height. While there are no hard and fast rules on what cup size to choose. Once you have your bra band size and preferred cup size, it's time to find your ideal silicone breast size using the manufacturer's sizing chart. Find your measurement, then slide across to where it intersects with your desired cup size. This will give you your breast form size. For example, if you measure a 34 and choose a B cup size, the chart will show you the corresponding breast form size. In this case, it is size 4.

How to were a silicone breast

Usually, silicone breast come with special breast prosthetic bras. Instead of putting it directly into the ordinary bra, breast prosthetic bra has a sewn pocket for placing silicone breast, and the silicone breast must be placed in the pocket to avoid displacement. The breast prosthetic bra usually has a wide shoulder strap adjuster placed on the back. Easy to take off. The simple back extender makes it more convenient for postoperative patients to put on and take off.

In Conclusion

Silicone breast and foamed silicone breast have their own advantages and disadvantages. The silicone breast feels real and natural when you touch it and the texture is as soft as a real breast. The disadvantage of silicone breast is the weight is usually not light. Foamed silicone breast is also called a lightweight prosthesis. As its name, it is relatively light and suitable for sports use. The disadvantage of foam silicone breast is that it feels worse than silicone breast. Although there are many silicone prostheses breasts available for purchase, it is better to ask the doctor for advice and discussion before purchasing. It is more accurate to buy the right prosthetic breast. Silicone breast makes people who have to suffer mastectomy regain self-confidence, without having to face stranger's eyes contact, so that the body can be more balanced and life is better.
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